Cyber Security Discovery Scan

Get a view of your company's attack surface


What is your IT infrastructure's exposure to the internet?

Answering this question used to be much simpler: there was the company firewall, and anyone who wanted to hack you had to get past that first. But with IT rapidly moving to the cloud, and attackers following along, it’s no longer like that.

So for many CISO’s starting out in their role the first question is: what am I actually defending? Securance can help you map out the answer.

We search online sources of information for starting points that hackers could try to exploit, creating an overview for you of publicly identifiable server addresses, online applications, employee e-mail addresses, IP address ranges, and anything else we can find in public and non-public online sources of information.

Even for accomplished and experienced CISO’s, a Cyber Security Discovery Scan by Securance often yields surprising results. And for companies wanting to start a broad programme of cybersecurity improvement, this is a fantastic first step.

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Quickly find out what your exposure is to attackers from the internet