Securance has entered into a majority interest acquisition partnership with HackDefense, a prominent Dutch cybersecurity firm specializing in penetration testing. This collaboration paves the way for an expanded array of services offered jointly by Securance and HackDefense. This transaction represents a significant stride towards the establishment of a comprehensive “one-stop-shop” solution. As a combined entity, it will efficiently cater to customers’ IT audit and cybersecurity assurance needs.

Given the growing importance of cybersecurity for organizational success, Securance’s commitment to meeting the intricate security requirements of its clientele, coupled with HackDefense’s expertise in innovative cybersecurity technology, positions the merged company strongly to broaden and enhance its customer base. By combining proficiency in penetration testing and IT risk management, the merger reduces knowledge barriers and addresses the increasingly intricate IT security demands of customers, leading to more effective handling of cybersecurity threats and IT security risks.

Top-Tier Cybersecurity

Securance CEO Emile ten Hoor expresses anticipation for the collaboration with HackDefense, emphasizing the expansion of cybersecurity technology products and services, and a commitment to providing top-tier service to global clients. This partnership aims to simplify audits, save clients significant time and money, and deliver exceptional value.

Mark Koek, CEO of HackDefense, highlights the vast potential in the market for a provider offering both Pentesting/Ethical Hacking and IT Risk & Assurance services. The partnership with Securance complements HackDefense’s offerings, enabling customers to advance their IT security and address a broad spectrum of security risks and exposures effectively.

Integrated Security Proposition

In the context of increasingly interconnected IT systems and a heightened focus on privacy and compliance, there is a growing need for integrated IT security approaches. Securance, in partnership with HackDefense, is well-positioned to address these challenges. The joint expertise in technical IT security, risk management, and compliance minimizes knowledge barriers and offers valuable support to internal IT departments, helping bridge the gap between risk management, practical processes, and compliance requirements.

The collaboration aligns with Securance’s existing quality-driven approach, emphasizing excellence, clear communication, and minimal business disruption. This translates into efficiency and an outstanding price-to-quality ratio for customers.

HackDefense, Cybersecurity Excellence

HackDefense, led by industry veteran Mark Koek, has established itself as a leading penetration testing service provider, offering insights into IT risk exposure based on a deep understanding of hacker tactics and a team of experienced ethical hackers, penetration testers, and security application developers.

About Securance

Securance, a rapidly growing IT risk management and assurance consultancy, serves international businesses by offering IT risk assurance, advisory, and cybersecurity services. With a team of around 50 employees operating from offices in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, Securance is on a trajectory to become an international “one-stop-shop” partner of choice for its customers, combining IT risk attestation and cybersecurity services in collaboration with best-in-class providers to serve customers across Europe.

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