In a world where organizations are increasingly entrusting processes and data to external service providers, it’s crucial to emphasize that SOC 2 reporting goes beyond financial aspects. A SOC 2 report constitutes an internal control report that zeroes in on the controls wielded by service providers concerning Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, and Privacy. By means of a SOC 2 report, a service organization ensures the confidential and secure processing of data while maintaining uninterrupted accessibility.

Understanding Cybersecurity
At its core, cybersecurity can be defined as your organization’s proactive strategy to mitigate the risk of cyberattacks and their potential impact on your business. This strategy revolves around safeguarding the devices and services that your organization utilizes.

Cybersecurity Essentials
Cybersecurity is, quite simply, your company’s tactical approach to safeguarding your digital assets from potential breaches and cyberattacks. It encompasses the deployment of technology, processes, and other controls aimed at protecting your systems, devices, and data. The overarching objective is to thwart unauthorized access to data, whether it’s stored on physical devices or in the digital realm.

Key Distinctions Unveiled:

Description Criteria and Scope

  • SOC 2 and SOC for Cybersecurity both entail specific requirements regarding the framework’s content. SOC 2 is primarily centered on a security-focused framework that aligns with the COSO framework, incorporating controls tied to security as delineated in the Trust Services Criteria. SOC for Cybersecurity, conversely, also prescribes criteria for outlining a cybersecurity framework. The controls, often rooted in existing frameworks and procedures, are formulated based on thorough risk assessments.

Intended Users and Purpose

  • SOC 2 is tailored to a relatively limited audience, including the user organization, independent auditors, practitioners, and regulators possessing adequate knowledge and comprehension. In contrast, a SOC for Cybersecurity report is designed for a broader spectrum of users, akin to a SOC 3 report. While the latter does not furnish detailed control descriptions, it does encompass a comprehensive cybersecurity framework. This framework offers insight into the adopted methodology and the associated implemented processes.

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