Organizations continually grapple with the challenge of adhering to a growing body of rules and regulations. Concurrently, they must address both new and persistent risks arising from the delivery of services via cloud platforms. IT failures can have dire consequences, including customer attrition, reputational harm, and exposure to high-profile legal actions. In this environment, effective risk management must be seen as a strategic asset, instilling greater confidence in customers and, as a result, yielding enhanced financial returns.

A Step-by-Step Approach
Control Reports facilitates the development of a robust risk management framework, the creation of essential documentation, and the implementation of controls, all through a structured and easily understandable step-by-step approach. ControlReports follows a methodical workflow that is based on guiding questions, instructions, and illustrative examples.

Structured Workflow
ControlReports aids in the process of formulating company policies, assessing risks, and devising individual controls. The structured workflow adheres to a step-by-step methodology that offers guidance on policy drafting, provides real-world examples, and furnishes illustrations for effective requirements comprehension and process analysis.

This step-by-step approach aligns with the structure of compliance standards, encompassing a management phase, a risk framework phase, and a reporting phase that yields the necessary documentation for each standard. ControlReports provides a proven solution for creating professional, easily implementable risk frameworks. The structured procedures result in effective risk and quality management.

Professional Reports
ControlReports offers the advantages of in-house risk management and compliance expertise within a single online tool. It proves to be a more efficient alternative to hiring external risk consultants for advice on implementing compliance standards. The policies and Service Organization Control (SOC™) reports generated using ControlReports comply with the highest standards.

Best Practice Database
ControlReports’ frameworks and document templates are rooted in robust international best practices for risk management, information security, and quality management. It is deployed in the cloud, hosted in ISAE 3000 | SOC 2 and ISO 27001 secured data centers.

All information processed within ControlReports is safeguarded by SSL certificates and adheres to the confidentiality requirements of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). At its core, ControlReports leverages an extensive database built upon over 20 years of in-depth experience in the risk advisory industry, courtesy of Securance advisors.