The initial step is to identify the ISO 9001 stakeholders as referenced in the standard, which pertains to individuals or organizations that have an influence on your organization’s capacity to consistently provide products and services that effectively address the needs of your customers and legal requirements. Enumerate all entities that have an impact on your organization, encompassing customers, government bodies, non-governmental entities, delegates, shareholders, suppliers, and more.

Once you have compiled this roster, identifying those you believe might impact your ability to deliver your products and services, you can ascertain which parties are of utmost significance to your company.

Implementing ISO 9001 can prove to be a formidable task. The most prominent challenges include limited time, financial constraints, and a lack of experience in implementing a professional quality management system. A quality management system and ISO 9001 certification are pivotal components in the operation of organizations.

In today’s global marketplace, the demand for ISO 9001 compliance is escalating due to heightened expectations from corporate entities and regulatory authorities. These expectations encompass a spectrum of requirements, spanning from quality management (ISO 9001) to information security (ISO 27001 / ISAE 3000 | SOC 2) and assurance concerning outsourced processes (ISAE 3402 | SOC 1).

Illustrative ISO 9001 Stakeholders:

  • Customers
  • Internal personnel
  • Financial institutions
  • Labor unions
  • Society at large
  • Advocacy groups
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Suppliers
  • Government bodies
  • Collaborative partners
  • Competitors

Securance specializes in governance, risk, and compliance services. Since 2004, Securance has established itself as the market leader in the Netherlands, known for its progressive approach to ISAE 3402 implementation and certification. In addition to ISAE 3402, Securance offers a comprehensive array of services in domains such as ISAE 3000, GDPR/AVG, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and COSO ERM.

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