Project Completed on april 18, 2024


This case study delves into our collaboration with Savills, highlighting our commitment to excellence in risk management and internal control.

Savills and Securance - Strategic expansion of ISAE 3402 Type II accreditation


Savills, a global leader in real estate services, has significantly expanded its ISAE 3402 Type II accreditation to encompass its entire Dutch Valuation department, in collaboration with Securance. This expansion not only extends the accreditation’s reach to all clients but also incorporates innovative features designed to elevate the audit’s impact and utility, solidifying Savills commitment to maintaining the highest standards in data security and process integrity.



Previously, the scope of Savills ISAE 3402 accreditation was limited to a select number of clients, which restricted the broader applicability of the assurance provided. In a landscape where IT and data play an increasingly crucial role and regulatory demands are intensifying, there was a pressing need to broaden the accreditation scope to include all clients and enhance the audit process itself.


Securance, leveraging its unique position in the market with extensive experience across the real estate value chain, including audits for IT service providers to real estate companies, conducted a comprehensive audit of Savills entire valuation department. This was the first time the entire department was included under the scope of the ISAE 3402 Type II accreditation.


The audit process was enhanced with the introduction of the Performance Improvement Report (PIR), an innovative feature provided annually post-audit. This report offers strategic recommendations for process enhancements, ensuring continuous improvement beyond compliance requirements.


This strategic expansion of the ISAE 3402 Type II accreditation ensures that all of Savills clients benefit from uniform, high-quality advisory services that are secure, data-driven, and fully compliant. The implementation of application-based controls further refines process accuracy and efficiency, setting new industry standards for quality assurance in real estate valuation services.

Client testimonial

Martijn Onderstal, Head of Valuation at Savills in the Netherlands, said, “As valuers, we continuously navigate through a rapidly evolving landscape. The significance of IT and data has notably increased in recent years, and regulatory bodies such as NRVT and RICS have imposed increasingly stringent compliance criteria. Our ethos is centred around ensuring the security and quality of our data, which forms the cornerstone of our advisory services. For the ISAE 3402, our focus is on effectively configuring our work processes and implementing associated control measures. Consequently, we are able to provide all our clients with top-tier, data-driven, and tailored advice, underscored by the highest standards of quality assurance.”

Looking ahead

Securance’s position as a leader in providing ISAE 3402 assurance, not only to direct real estate companies but also to IT service providers that support the real estate industry, allows it to offer an unmatched level of insight and expertise. This strategic approach positions both Securance and Savills at the forefront of the real estate industry, continuously enhancing their assurance services and maintaining a competitive edge.

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