Project Completed on august 24, 2023


“My relationship with Conclude Accountants / Securance goes back some time. Both now and in previous projects, I have experienced the expertise, pragmatism and cooperation as very pleasant. Because we planned to achieve both the ISAE 3402 and the ISAE 3000 within one year, it was essential that we as partners could count on each other. The fact that Risklane / Conclude Accountants has established itself as a sparring partner during the implementation has helped us a lot. This partnership, in combination with the willingness to change, commitment, and motivation of all Axians employees involved, has ensured that we have been able to achieve this result within time and the budget.

A result that both Securance / Conclude Accountants and Axians can be proud of!”

– Dennis van Hoof, Quality & Risk manager Axians


Axians - ISAE 3402 & SOC 2


Axians, a specialized ICT brand under VINCI Energies, focuses on delivering cutting-edge IT solutions and services. Serving a diverse clientele, including private businesses, public organizations, government agencies, operators, and service providers, Axians offers an extensive portfolio. Their range spans business applications and data analytics, enterprise networks and digital workplaces, data center and cloud services, telecommunications infrastructure, and cybersecurity.


In navigating the dynamic market, Axians prioritizes utilizing top-tier technology to empower clients in their growth and competitiveness. While technology is crucial, Axians emphasizes the significance of the human touch, recognizing that people are paramount to their approach.


Organizations are increasingly turning to external service providers for various services and processes, a trend influenced by the growing complexity of laws and regulations. Despite outsourcing, organizations retain responsibility for their data and services, leading to a surge in the demand for assurance reports. These reports aim to offer reasonable assurance that service organizations effectively manage their risks. Given Axians’ commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable services with minimal risks, the implementation of the ISAE 3402 | SOC 2 Type II report becomes even more crucial.


At Axians, a significant challenge faced by Securance was distinguishing between activities conducted on a European or global scale and those specific to Axians Netherlands. The location of Axians’ supportive activities, such as logical access management and the security of external links, profoundly influences the scope of the Axians Netherlands report.


The ultimate objective was not only to furnish Axians with an advanced ISAE 3402 | SOC 2 Type II report but also to guide them toward embracing risk leadership. Risk leadership represents a fundamental shift in mindset, viewing risks as opportunities for improvement to be tackled directly rather than evaded. This approach aligned seamlessly with Axians’ reputation for agile and innovative thinking, resonating well with their clients.


Solution & Results

In response to the growing trend of organizations outsourcing their services, Axians and Risklane collaborated to achieve the ISAE 3402 Type II | SOC 2 Type II certifications, complementing existing ISO certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 20000, and ISO 27001. Risklane’s approach focuses on delivering the highest standard of reporting while ensuring that the descriptions and processes resonate with both Axians and their clients. Achieving this required an in-depth understanding of Axians’ processes, treated as if they were our own. Through thorough interviews with Axians’ employees, we not only gained insight into their processes but also identified potential risks. With this knowledge, we efficiently formulated control objectives and defined effective controls. Leveraging our extensive expertise in the outsourcing services market, we often provide valuable advice to our clients on enhancing operational efficiency, streamlining registration processes, and improving overall risk management.


The collaboration between Axians and Securance led to the successful attainment of both ISAE 3402 Type II and SOC 2 Type II certifications. This achievement directly impacts Axians’ business by providing client organizations with increased assurance that their processes are optimized, well-documented, and under control, including the management of potential risks. Ultimately, the reports undergo a successful audit conducted by Certicus Accountants.


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