Project Completed on December 05, 2023

Colt Data Centre

Colt Data Centre Services (DCS) collaborated with Securance to address a critical challenge—establishing a robust risk management framework aligned with ISAE 3402 standards for their European Datacenters. Securance strategically implemented ISAE 3402 and SOC 1 frameworks, resulting in a substantial enhancement of operational efficiency and precision. The outcomes were notable, including heightened productivity, the elimination of redundant controls, and the establishment of a refined internal risk management protocol for Colt DCS. For further insights, readers can explore additional related blogs and access Securance’s contact details for the UK and Netherlands.

Colt Data Centre - ISAE 3402


Colt Data Centre Services (DCS) is a carrier neutral data center provider. Colt DCS has been designing, building and operating large scale data centers. Colt DCS provides dedicated data center and data center colocation services across Europa, Asia.


Serving more than 1.000 of the world’s most data-critical industries for security of information in their 24 carrier-neutral data centers across Europe and Asia. Colt DCS’s commitment to embracing new technology has made leader in Data center services in Europe.


Historically, managed services have depended on the adept and streamlined management of services with minimal risks. Fujitsu emphasizes an integrated approach that centers around a consistent, organization-wide risk management methodology, aligning with its management principles. Unsurprisingly, this necessitated enhancements to procedures, work methodologies, and increased leadership involvement.



Colt Data Centre Services (DCS) partnered with us to architect an effective risk management framework in compliance with ISAE 3402 that promoted a clear understanding of the risk control framework by customers, staff and other stakeholders. The Colt risk management framework should be able to evolve and scale for all European Datacenters.


Bringing both our best practice ISAE 3402 I SOC 1 framework for Datacenters and our Control Reports solution for effective implementation of ISAE 3402, we were able to solve the challenges facing an organization with many different locations in Europe. We designed and built the entire framework, internal procedures which eliminated redundant controls, manage the control framework, and schedule an effective program for providing evidence to the external auditor.


Our skilled risk management team worked with various business areas to implement controls and maximize their value by turning established working procedures into effective controls. By restructuring their risk management and internal control implementation process, Colt Data Centre Services (DCS) was able to increase their efficiency and accuracy, and gather meaningful data on the effectiveness of the control framework.



After implementing both the control framework in compliance with COSO ERM and the Control matrix, we set Colt Data Centre Services internal risk management team up for success with extensive training, documentation, and process guidance, to ensure their risk management and control framework continue to perform to their expectations. By improving productivity, eliminating redundant controls, and improving accuracy, we continue to help them maintain high standards of excellence.


Our elite team of risk management experts not only brought new life to a highly-advanced control framework but also helped their internal support staff grow their skills and abilities.

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