Project Completed on December 05, 2023


This case study delves into our collaboration with Fujitsu, highlighting our commitment to excellence in risk management and internal control.

Fujitsu - ISAE 3402


Fujitsu provides comprehensive solutions in the information and communication technology industry. Our extensive business includes the development, manufacturing, and operation of cutting-edge technologies, enabling the delivery of high-quality services. In the realm of information and communication technology, Fujitsu offers total solutions. Our business spans diverse services, covering the development, manufacturing, sales, and maintenance of advanced, high-quality products and electronic devices essential for these services.


Securance has been in partnership with Fujitsu since 2015, playing a crucial role in introducing and expanding the company’s risk management reporting. From management services to application and housing services, Fujitsu proudly boasts the best-in-category risk management in Europe.


Historically, managed services have depended on the adept and streamlined management of services with minimal risks. Fujitsu emphasizes an integrated approach that centers around a consistent, organization-wide risk management methodology, aligning with its management principles. Unsurprisingly, this necessitated enhancements to procedures, work methodologies, and increased leadership involvement.



Acknowledging the increasing demand for transparency in risk management and internal control, Fujitsu decided to partner with Securance to bring this capability to the Netherlands. In 2015, Securance launched the Fujitsu Risk Management framework in compliance with ISAE 3402. Securance designed, developed, and continues to support Fujitsu’s risk management framework, preparing both generic and customer-specific SOC reports.



With the assistance of the ISAE 3402 reporting, Securance became the #1 management services provider in the Netherlands with a 95% recommendation score. Securance’s risk management strategy and transparency have been significant drivers of the company’s remarkable business success.

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