What is ISO 9001

The  ISO/IEC 9001 standard is the international standard for quality management. It focuses on two key aspects: meeting customer requirements and enhancing customer satisfaction. The ISO 9001 standard specifies several specific aspects within it.

The attached figure visually represents the impact of the relevant parts of the ISO 9001 standard on an organization. Eight components are defined, forming the Quality Management System (QMS). The QMS is the basis for ISO 9001 implementation, ensuring that services meet customer requirements and satisfy customers.

The Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle is shown in the red highlighted parts, central to ISO 9001 implementation. It involves planning from customer requirements, measuring execution, and evaluating to improve the quality of overall operations.

Implementing an effective quality management system is a solid foundation for the sustainable development of your organization and can contribute to overall performance improvement. ISO 9001 employs a process approach and risk-based thinking.

ISO 9001:2015

The revised ISO 9001 standard, ISO 9001:2015, was published in September 2015. Three key adjustments include the introduction of the High-Level Structure (HLS), increased focus on risks, and the requirement for management commitment. The HLS modularizes various components, facilitating easier integration of diverse ISO standards. These changes not only provide a quality management tool but also a framework for business improvement.


To qualify for ISO 9001 certification, you must demonstrate continuous improvement of processes in your organization and emphasize communication with customers, partners, and suppliers. Your organization is aware of its role in society, collaborates with suppliers to improve processes, and, of course, serves its customers.

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